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The Best Wide Width Rain Boots for 2021

aka Fall is officially here, you need some rain boots!

The weather is wild y’all! We are in a crazy, never ending heat wave here in LA, but Colorado just went from heat wave to snow storm in a single day! This means fall is coming, at least for some of you. LA doesn't cool off until October or November, so I’m still sweating and not at all ready for pumpkin spice anything!

However, I did live in Boston for a number of years and I remember the enjoyment of the air cooling off in September. I also remember needing to start covering my feet, boo! Seriously though, my friends in Boston said they tracked the seasons by my footwear. When I started to wear socks, they could officially say it was cold, and as soon as I made an appearance in flip flops, they knew it was spring. My love affair with flip flops has lasted longer than any of my relationships!

What this means is that for some of you, it's time to get some rain boots - or wellies - if you will. These seem to be some of the hardest foot coverings to find for our larger bodies. Our calves grow with the rest of us, and rain boots tend to be one calf size fits all (and we all know the myth of one size fits all)!

I’ve done some deep digging to find the best reviewed rain boots to cover your fabulous calves and keep your toes dry for the season! And because a 15" circumference is not really going to cut it, I'm only highlighting boots that have 18" or more.

Jileon Rain Boots

At some point after I moved back to LA and stopped looking for boots, some very smart folks realized that this was a real issue. They created an entire brand dedicated to plus size rain boots for women. They have short boots, tall boots, plain boots, boots with fun designs, and some of their boots go up to 23" in circumference! This is where you will find the widest variety and most options to keep your feet dry.

  • Up to 23" circumference

  • Women's size 6-12

  • Extra Wide

  • Adjustable

  • Padded insoles

  • Treaded Sole

  • Rubber

  • Widest range of colors and designs

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • $$

Time and Tru Women's Wide Calf Rain Boot

These are the most affordable wide calf boots I could find. Reviews are good, so if you need something that is easy on your wallet, these may be your best bet.

  • Reviews indicate they have 20" circumference

  • Women's size 6-11

  • Not Adjustable

  • Treaded Sole

  • PVC

  • Black only

  • $

Lily Women's for

This brand has a small handful of colors and prints for extra wide calf rain boots. They are rather pricey, even on sale. Made exclusively for They are all on sale currently and have an All Sales Final notice. So these might be discontinued.

  • Up to 21 3/4" Circumference

  • Soft and thick footbeds for added comfort

  • Reinforced sole

  • Adjustable

  • PVC

  • Multiple colors and designs

  • $$$

Western Chief

  • Up to 18" circumference

  • Rubber

  • Soft, moisture-absorbing polyester/cotton blend lining

  • EVA removable insoles in our boots

  • Adjustable

  • Slip-resistant outsole

  • Multiple designs

  • $$

Chooka Versa Wide Calf Memory Foam Rain Boot

  • Up to 18" circumference

  • Rubber

  • Adjustable

  • Variety of solid and floral prints

  • Extra 5mm removable memory foam insole for extra comfort

  • Treaded soles

  • Soft, moisture-absorbent polyester/cotton lining

  • Treated to resist against odor and bacteria

  • $$

RAHATA Wide Calf Rain Boot

  • Up to 22" circumference

  • Rubber

  • Two adjustable buckles

  • Lined with soft, polyester blend lining

  • Black only

  • $$

Did I miss your favorite rain boot? Let me know!

While we’re talking feet, check out my posts on walking shoes and plantar fasciitis.

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