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More to Love Valentine's Day

Everyone deserves a little love, whether it's with a romantic partner, a platonic friend, family, or just loving yourself. Especially right now, the whole world could use a little more love. I've never been a huge Valentine's person, not for it or against it. If I'm in a relationship, it's recognized. But when I haven't been, it's not a big deal to me personally. But I think it can be a day to focus on loving ourselves and each other.

So here are some ways to help bring a little love into your life.

Love yourself with the gift of relaxation

Put on super comfy clothes (even more comfy than the yoga pants you've lived in since last March), and give yourself permission to have some tea or a cocktail. Curl up on the couch in your favorite blanket. Read a book, watch TV, take a nap. Just give yourself permission to fully relax with no guilt.

Love Who You Live With

If you are lucky enough to be staying safer at home with other humans, show them some love this weekend. Even now, I find I don't spend good quality time with everyone I live with. We all have our jobs and our other projects. We don't really connect in a meaningful way very often. We don't really connect in a meaningful way very often. Cook a meal together or bake a dessert for them. Play some games together. Enjoy some good conversation.

Love Your Partner

Of course, the traditional focus of Valentine's Day is a romantic partner. For those in a relationship, there are plenty of ways to show your love. Many are different versions of the ideas above. Cook a tasty meal. Make a romantic coktail. Get to know each other better. And, of course, slip into something "more comfortable". All of these pieces go at least up to a size 4xl.

Love with an Orgasm

Whether you have a partner, multiple partners or no partner, an orgasm is a great way to show yourself some love. There are a lot of great toys out there to play with these days. Also, there are a lot of toys that help make everything better and more comfortable. From wedges to help you get into the right positions, or toys that are longer to help you reach better. There are a lot of great options to help you get off! Here are a few more ideas:

For the g-spot

For the clit

For those who wear a harness

However you celebrate this weekend, I hope it is filled with love!

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