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Me at 18

About WeightyThings

Do you find it difficult to find what you need for your fabulous plus size body?

Moving through the world fat can kinda suck! People can be mean, chairs can be flimsy. Much of the world is not meant for us, and we feel it! I believe that ALL people should have access to the things that make them feel their best. Those of us who are fat deserve to have comfortable chairs that our hips fit into, clothes that we feel good in, step stools that hold our weight, and we need them now in the bodies we have today!

More and more great products and companies are recognizing that fat people need furniture, clothes, and everyday items that work with and for our bodies. But they are not always easy to find. 

Me, I’m fat and love a good spreadsheet! When I need to purchase something new, I often take a few days... ok weeks...ok fine, months to research and decide what to buy. I’ve got spreadsheets galore! I even once created a spreadsheet to help me decide on the best cookbook to buy under a specific category. 

While researching something that needed to physically hold my weight I realised there is not a lot of good product info out there for folx who are fat, big, heavy, plus size, chubby, cuddly, or whatever your favorite term is. There are not a lot of sites dedicated to finding and highlighting products that fit our bodies. Most people don't want to scroll through multiple recommendation sites, facebook groups, Amazon reviews and more. But I do. And I’m fat, so I know what works for fat people. I could do something about that! 

So I started WeightyThings. This is a place for me to share my research and highlight products, people, ideas, and things we need. Your body is the only one you’ll get and nothing about it - the size, shape, weight, or height of it - should keep you from living a full size life! 

Take a look around. Subscribe to the newsletter (ok, that is a theory right now, but it will happen). Let me know what you would like a review of. How can I help?

And if you see something you like, consider purchasing through my links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s not a lot, but it helps cover the costs of researching products! Thanks.

Oh, my name is Kim. It's nice to meet ya.

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