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Keeping Our Bodies Fresh and Dry

It is hot outside! At least it is here in LA. It feels like I'm always sweating! I’ve lived on the East Coast and in other places with lots of humidity. LA is supposed to be an arid climate, but the humidity is high right now, like 75%! EW! This is unnatural and I am not happy about it! Being trapped at home and unable to go into the air conditioned office because of the pandemic is making it just THE WORST.

When it’s hard to get dry, it can make managing our being fat very unpleasant. The heat makes it hard to get all of our little nooks and crannies - like your underboob and FUPA - dry. Sometimes you need a little intervention to decrease the moisture and decrease the friction in the form of a powder. I know some folks swear by some good old fashioned baby powder, but there are a lot of other great products on the market now that can help keep your fresh and dry, fresher and drier!

In our house, Lady Anti-Monkey Butt is the favorite, but here are some other products I know other fatties swear by!

Couple points to consider. Many products contain talc or cornstarch. For some people one or both of these can cause problems.

Cornstarch: It feeds yeast. Some of us larger folks have intertrigo (a sometimes stinky rash often found under bellies, boobs/moobs, and underarms), this can allow yeast to grow. Products with cornstarch can make this worse.

Talc: There has been some concern about cancer risk from talc. Please see this page from The American Cancer Society for more information on when and where it’s appropriate to use talcum powder on your body.

Also, I am NOT a medical professional in any way. I am not giving any medical advice. These are just some products that can help dry out areas that get too sweaty. If you have any other issues, or if your sweat is really problematic, please see your doctor.

  • Talc (in Original)

  • Cornstarch (in Lady and Baby)

  • Calamine

  • Gender binary versions with a pink tax

  • Cornstarch

  • Aloe

  • Lavender

  • Chamomile

  • Non-aerosol pump

  • Cornstarch

  • Kaolin

  • Cocoa Butter

  • Jasmine and vetiver-scented

  • Vegan

  • Treats and prevents diaper rash

  • Protects against minor skin irritation

  • Cornstarch

  • Zinc Oxide

  • Aloe Vera Gel

  • Available at most drugstores

  • Cornstarch

  • Kaolin

  • Zinc oxide

  • Available everywhere

  • Talc

  • Menthol

  • Zinc oxide

  • Cools, absorbs, and relieves itches

  • Extra strength options has more Zinc Oxide

  • Talc

  • Boric Acid

  • Zinc Oxide

  • Carbolic Acid

  • Destroys Bacteria

  • Soothes Itching and Irritation

  • Reduces Inflammation

Looking for more ways to take care of your skin, you may also be interested in my post about tummy liners or rashes.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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