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Getting Rid of Belly Sweat

As a person who has always loved being outdoors, I have a deep and abiding love for a good 100% cotton bandana. In my opinion, it is the single most useful item available. For its tiny, little cost ($1), I’ve used bandanas to mop up the sweat on my brow, as a tissue, as a dish towel, as napkins at a dinner party, as a tourniquet, and even, once, in a dire emergency as toilet paper (don’t’s a story too gross to recount). I’ve also seriously contemplated making throw pillows from bandanas. I LOVE THEM! I always have one on me, and I buy them by the dozen.

I've also used it to soak up sweat under my belly. I live in Los Angeles and it gets hot. I have a job that is often physically demanding. I get sweaty, smelly, and gross. One day, out of desperation I folded up my beloved bandana and stuck it under my tummy. It was glorious! I thought I was a genius!

But, then, recently I discovered that others who are much smarter than I have created products specifically for soaking up sweat under the tummy, underbelly sweat pads! Maybe you knew about this already, but it was news to me! Turns out there are a number of products out there.

Tummy Liners are designed to absorb perspiration under your belly. They are usually held in place by the belly itself. They absorb moisture, reduce odor, and can help reduce friction and all the skin issues that come with excess friction.

The original seems to be Pambra’s. Their site is a little outdated, but a lot of fat folx swear by them! These are designed to absorb perspiration under the abdominal fold. It helps to eliminate any embarrassing odor. The Tummy Liner is doctor recommended.

The other brand I hear the most about is More of Me to Love. They have a 100% cotton option, or a Bamboo/Cotton Blend. Bamboo adds a lot of softness and can help reduce bacteria and odor.


Pambra's Tummy Liners
Tummy Liners

Available at AmpleStuff


Shell: 65% polyester/ 35% cotton

Inside: 100% Cotton


All liners are 3” wide

Small 20” long -XX-large 36” long

More of Me to Love

Available at More of Me to Love or Amazon


100% Cotton OR 70% bamboo viscose & 30% cotton

Inside 100% cotton


Small 16" long - XXL 31" long


Available at Amazon, Walmart, dollar stores, and more


100% Cotton - There are cheap polyester ones out there, avoid them!


Standard: 22” square


Approximately $1-$2 each (do not pay more)

A web search brings up more options, but these are the two brands that get the most recommendations. Have you tried a tummy liner? Which is your favorite? Did I miss a good one?

Looking for more info on how to take care of your skin?

Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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