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Best XL Dining Chairs

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means lots of food! Lots of folks around a big turkey, lots of family and a lot of chairs. Well, usually, for some of us, at least. I’ve definitely had my share of 2 person Thanksgivings and this year is not one of those “the more the merrier” kind of years. This year, Thanksgiving will just be my partner, our 2 housemates, and myself. No big family gatherings.

But even with just a few people, dining table seating is important this time of year. When I moved into our current house, the house already had a dining table and some very old chairs. And they all had arms! Ugh! Also, they were so old that your butt sank into them. One chair even broke under my partner. FAT GIRL NIGHTMARE!

I was not about that life. I went out and found two sturdy AF dining chairs at a local thrift shop. I LOVE them and plan to keep them forever! Eventually, I took the arms off of the other chairs, and reupholstered the seating, and fortified them so no one’s butt falls through anymore. But I still prefer the sturdy thrift store chairs I found.

Even if it's just you for dinner, you need a good dining chair - one that feels secure. One that does not pinch your hips. For now, I’m sticking with my thrift store find, but for you Dear Reader, I’ve gone searching for the best dining chairs for bigger butts.

Here is what I’m looking for when I research dining room chairs. The options below meet most of these requirements, but they may not meet all of them:

  • No arms, or at least 22” seat width between the arms

  • 300lbs capacity or more, priority given to 500 and up

  • Good ratings

  • Dining room chairs, not banquet chairs

  • Looking for a variety of price points

  • I don’t think they are hideous.

Now everyone has their own taste, so you may think something I include is hideous. That's ok. I’m trying to include a bit of variety to account for different preferences.

The first thing you notice when you start looking is that Flash Furniture’s Hercules brand dominates this category. They get a lot of good reviews. So if you find a chair you like from this brand you are probably going to be good.

These are probably my favorites. I always want cushioning. I like to have my favorite people over for dinner (well not right now) and we can sit and chat for hours! Four hours on a solid wood seat is not my favorite, and I have built-in padding. I can't imagine how painful it would be to my friends with less junk in their trunk. These also have a 400lb capacity and are brightly colored, though they have some more neutral toned versions as well. Lots of great reviews mentioning how sturdy and comfortable they are! These are a higher price point compared to most of the chairs on this list, but not outrageously expensive.

For a more classical dining room look, these get good reviews. 500lb capacity and padded. They come in charcoal or white. Great price for a set of 4! Chairs do need to be assembled once you get them.

The Hercules line has a few different versions of this chair. It comes in multiple color combinations and with a padded vinyl seat, or solid wood seat. They also have a bar stool height version as well. They are sturdy metal chairs. They all have a 500lb weight capacity, and get good reviews. Depending on the version you choose they range in price from approximately $45-$75/chair.

These chairs have a similar profile to the chairs above, but there are a few key differences. First 800lb capacity! They are also wood and the back style comes in horizontal or vertical bars. Finally, you are paying for the increased weight capacity, these average $60-$125/chair. There are multiple colors, and cushioned seat options as well.

These are church chairs, and look like it. But they also look super comfy and get great reviews. They have a 800lb capacity and have lots of fun color options. I almost want to start a church just to buy these. Price is reasonable as well.

These have a 900lb capacity and the people seem to love them! They are a bit pricey but reviewers seem to think they are worth the cost.

1,000lb capacity!! These are SUPER lightweight chairs made from resin, a hard type of plastic. They don’t look like they could hold a regular size adult, but the material turns out to be very sturdy. Some other chairs that have higher weight capacities, can be heavy, but these are super light and easy to move around. Reviewers indicate that the white ones get scuffed and marked up easily, so maybe stick with the darker versions. Also, a good price for the durability.

Let me know what you think. Did I miss some dining chairs that you love?

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