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Best Weighted Blankets for Heavy People (Updated February 2024)

It’s getting colder; even in a normal year, that means getting cozy. This year, we need a lot of extra cozy! It’s time to bring out everything that makes you feel safe and secure. Your bed is one of the most important places to feel safe and cozy. Everyone knows good sleep is crazy important, but it can sometimes be more difficult for us rounder humans.

Finding the right tools to help you get a good night's sleep is paramount! For me, it’s my APAP. But for my partner, it’s her weighted blanket! She has trouble sleeping and is always looking for things that will help her get a better night’s rest. A few years ago, she received a weighted blanket for Christmas, and the first time she got under it, she started crying from the comfort, security, and peace she found in it. The pressure of the weighted blanket is so powerful for many people. I personally find it too hot and confining, but it has become a necessity for her and so many others.

Weighted blankets are also great for helping with anxiety, and let's face it, there is A LOT of anxiety in the world right now. They have been used to help folks with Autism and AHDH as well. Take a look at this article for more info on weighted blankets.

The issue with weighted blankets for us weighty folks is finding the right weight. The recommendation for a weighted blanket is that it be 7-12% of your body weight. So if you weigh 150lbs, a 10 or 15lb blanket will probably be perfect. If you weigh 350lbs, the range would be 25-40lb. It can be hard to find those heavier blankets, and after 20lbs the blankets tend to get significantly more expensive. In the past, they only went up to 30lbs, but there are now some in the 40-50lb range.

On the other hand, the heavier it gets, the harder it is to move. Also, 30lbs can be a lot of weight on your body and can put too much pressure on injuries or people with chronic pain, and it may make you feel claustrophobic. 40lbs could be even worse. You don't want an item meant to help provide comfort to actually make your anxiety or pain worse! Some folks don’t like even 7% of their weight. I know of a number of plus size folks that find 15-20 to be the perfect range. Anything beyond that is too much for them.

This means, finding the right weight can sometimes be trial and error. If you tend to have sensitivity to things touching you or pressure, stay with a lower weight. Some folks recommend just starting at 15lbs and get one that and easily be returned if it's too light. Generally speaking, among the folks I know and what I've read (aka: I'm not a doctor or medical professional in any way), for most 300lb+ folks 20-30 range works quite well no matter the weight. I personally would start at 20 or 25 lbs. Additionally, like anything used frequently in life you can get used to it, and some folks eventually want to increase the weight.

There are also DIY options out there that provide the opportunity to add as much weight as you want.

Couple other things to consider when purchasing.

  • You do not want a blanket the size of your sheet or duvet. If a weighted blanket is too far over the edge, gravity may pull it off the bed.

  • They are a little difficult to share, the weight is spread out across the entire blanket, so no one spot has 25lb on it, but if you share it, the weight is now spread across two people and you will receive less benefit. If you plan to share, consider a heavier one, but then realize if one person is not in the bed, it may be too much for the person remaining.

  • Finally, they can be hot. If you run warm, look for ones that indicate a cooling fabric.

Update February 2024: They now have covers in multiple colors.

One of the most popular weighted blankets on Amazon is YNM. They have multiple color and size options, including a 30lb size. It’s one of the more affordable brands and has over 16,000 5-star reviews. It doesn’t come with a cover, but that can be purchased separately. It's also a cooling blanket, which can be useful for those of us who run warm!

Update February 2024: They have expanded their weights and now go up to 35 lbs!

Gravity is one of the original weighted blankets. Their Kickstarter went viral and basically helped bring weighted blankets into the mainstream. In 2018, TIME named it one of the year's best inventions. They have two sizes, individual or queen/king, and multiple color options for coves. The cover is a soft duvet that offers a very plush and fleecy feel. The cover is removable and washable.

Some folks say it sleeps hot and is a mid-range priced blanket. They also only have 3 weights, maxing out at 25lbs. But the consistent 5-star rave reviews mean Gravity Blanket is regularly considered one of the best on the market.

Update February 2024: Not currently available on Amazon, but still available on the Baloo website.

Baloo blankets are a Minimalist Instagrammer's dream. It frequently gets high marks for its minimalist off-white design. It's thinner and made from cotton, so it’s cooler than most other blankets on the market. Great for those of us who run warm at night! If the off-white isn’t your thing, it does have loops for adding a duvet cover. It runs a little smaller than other blankets to help minimize the risk of falling off the bed. It's in the mid-upper price range, so it's probably best for people who are devoted to the minimalist aesthetic or run very warm at night.

Luna blankets are one of the cheaper options out there. They are hugely popular on Amazon because of this. They are comfortable and comforting. However, they max out at 20 lbs, the duvet covers are sold separately, and the stitching isn't as well done as other blankets, but for the price, it works. And sometimes that is all you need!

This is the blanket for those looking for the heaviest weight. This is meant for couples on a king-size bed; this is not recommended for individuals. It might be a great option for a couple where both folks are larger, and you don’t want to have 2 weighted blankets. This is a LOT of blankets, and if your bed is too small or there is just one person, you risk the blanket going over the side of the bed. The extra large weight also comes with an extra large price tag, but if you only have to buy one blanket, it might be worth it.

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