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Best Large Face Masks

Would it be an understatement to say that 2020 has been an interesting year? Yes, absolutely an understatement. It’s been INSANE! To say the absolute least. One of the “trends,” if you will, to emerge this year is the now ubiquitous face mask. Of course, we all love a good fashion accessory, so plain old white or medical blue masks just don’t cut it. If you want your masks to match your sense of style and fashion AND fit well, you’ve got to check out of the masks I’ve found!

Like many folks, I have bought a number of masks. Some have worked well, and many have not. Turns out masks are not one size fits all! I’ve experienced masks that are too big, too small, tight around my ears, sucks in with every breath, hard to breath through, flattens my nose, doubles chin sticking out, and more. My personal favorites have elastic that goes over the head, or soft cotton behind the year, a good nose wire, 2 cotton layers with room for a filter, and fully covers my chin and cheeks without large gaps. What do you like?

Some folks are making larger masks for larger faces, some folks just naturally make larger masks. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve bought or want to buy. The top two listed are my favorites right now!

QueentopazCreations "Peacock Feathers" Overhead Face Mask

  • Under $20

  • 2 layers

  • 100% cotton

  • Room for a filter

  • Overhead adjustable elastic

  • Nose Wire

  • Super comfortable!

  • Fully covers my chin and cheeks.

  • Multiple fabric options

NoelleODesigns Face Mask Reversible Washable Comfort Fit

  • Under $15

  • 2 layers

  • 100% cotton

  • Jersey cotton/ spandex blended fabric ear

  • Loops and adjustable with a bead

  • Reversible

  • Nose wire

  • Multiple fabric options

  • Multiple Sizes

  • Large 7.5"H x 10"W

JIBRI Washable Cloth Face Mask

  • Under $15

  • 2 layers

  • Lined with cotton

  • Elastic ear loops

  • Adult 6 1/2" H x 8" W

  • Multiple fabric options

#TorridStrong Non-Medical Reusable Masks

  • 2 Layers

  • Cotton inner layer

  • Elastic ear loops

  • Pack of 3

  • 6" H x 7.75" W

  • Nose Wire

Curvy Sense Washable & Reusable Unisex Face Mask

  • 2 Layers

  • Cotton/Spandex Fabric (95% Cotton/ 5%Spandex)

  • Soft earloops

  • 6" H x 7.5 " W

  • Fits faces (ear to ear) 11" - 14.5"

  • Multiple color options

EnerPlex Premium XL 3-Ply Reusable Face Mask

  • 3 Layers

  • Outer layer is water resistant Polyester

  • Middle layer is a Cotton Blend

  • Inner layer is a soft Nano Fine Cotton Blend

  • Elastic Earloops

  • 3 Pack

  • XL is 6” H

  • Multiple Color options

Copper Union Apparel Handmade Masks

  • 2 Layers

  • 100% cotton

  • Cotton twill tape ties that can be tied two different ways, behind the head and nape of the neck or around your ears.

  • Multiple prints and colors

  • Accepts donations to provide masks for those in need

  • Sizing not listed, but Copper Union is a plus size clothing brand

masksLab Silk Adult Face Mask

  • Two layers of high quality artificial armani silk

  • Elastic ear loops

  • "Female" 5.31 H x 8.85" W

  • "Male" 6.1"H x 8.85"W

If you read this far, you get a bonus suggestion.

Face brackets are a good way to keep any mask off your lips and nose. It helps make them less claustrophobic and far more breathable! Unfortunately, I find they make my face sweat more. So they’re not great for wearing all day. But perfect for running to the store.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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