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Best Heavy Duty Step Stools and Ladders

The world is a crazy place right now. Hoping to bring a little calm and order to my little slice of the world, has meant cleaning and reorganizing various parts of my life. If my Facebook Feed is any indication, I am not the only one “stress organizing.” When things are scary in the world, and you have no control over them, maintaining control of your surroundings is a totally reasonable coping mechanism.

What this means though is that I've been using my rickety step stool a lot more recently. It’s weight limit is significantly under my weight. So I’m nervous every time I step on it, waiting for this to be the time it finally gives out on me. I don't need that added stress in my life right now, do you?

Which means it's time to do some research and find a new step stool, one I can trust to support my weight and not worry about. It’s hard to find any step stools that are listed at 400lbs or higher. What I've realized is that the official rating system stops at 375+. Anything that lists a capacity above that is not officially rated. There are a handful of multi-step stools or ladders that list their weight capacity at up to 500lbs, but often when you look at the comments section they are breaking on people much smaller. All companies expect a small number of defective products, so those may be the exception, but I’m wary. I’ve done my best to try to suss out the ones I think can truly carry over 300lbs. The only stools I feel comfortable recommending over 500lbs, are single step ones.

So here are the best heavy duty step stools to keep us safe and secure!

Type IAA (Extra Heavy Duty) 375 pounds

Type IA (Extra Heavy Duty) 300 pounds

  • Weight Capacity 300lbs

  • $25-$50

  • Convenient project top for tool and hardware storage

  • Oversized steps for comfort and stability

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Folds up thin for easy storage and carrying

  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Type IA

  • Weight Capacity 375lbs

  • $100-$150

  • 16-lbs

  • Stores 4.5" deep x 8.5"-wide

  • Slip-resistant treads

  • Little Giant's Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Wide shoes provide traction

  • Available in 2, 3, and 4-step models.

  • Handrail

  • Type IAA

  • Weight Capacity 375lbs

  • $50-$100

  • Non-conductive fiberglass

  • Work station top designed to increase ladder productivity

  • SHOX impact absorption system

  • Secure slip-resistant footing

  • Type IAA

  • Weight Capacity 375lbs

  • $100-$150

  • Includes magnet and multiple tool slots

  • Large platform area for added comfort.

  • Extended handrail for added comfort and safety

  • Front rail is 3-feet long from top to platform.

  • Type IAA

  • Weight Capacity 500lbs

  • $50-$100

  • 11.5 pounds

  • Lock and open system for easy open and fold

  • Folds to 1.6" Deep

  • Easy to carry

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • High-grade steel frame

  • Automatically locks in place when you use the step ladder

  • The back cross brace structure reinforces the basic support

  • Non-slip rubber handgrip

  • Wide pedals with non-slip rubber pattern offer heel-to-toe foot support.

  • Big rubber feet fully touch the ground

  • Weight Capacity 500lbs

  • $50-$100

  • Non-skid ribbed rubber platform

  • Constructed of durable 1" steel tubing

  • Cross brace for extra strength

  • Nonskid feet

  • Built in handrail

  • Step Dimensions: 10"(D) x 14"(W) x 9"(H)

  • Handle Height: 34"

  • Weight Capacity 300lbs

  • Under $25

  • Textured platform to help prevent slipping

  • Made of a lightweight UV stabilized impact resistant resin

  • Platform dimensions: 10" x 16"

  • Overall dimensions: 21"L x 15"W x 9"H

  • Weight Capacity 1000lbs

  • $50-$100

  • Multiple Colors

  • 8"H x 14"W x 11"D

  • 5lbs

  • Non-slip rubber leg tips.

  • All-aluminum welded construction

  • Weight Capacity 500lbs

  • $25-$50

  • 3-1/2lbs

  • Will not tip over when used on a flat, level surface.

  • Made in USA

  • Dual Handles

  • Built In Skid Resistant Foot Surface

  • Full Floor Skid Resistant Contact

  • 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Use Indoors/Outdoors - Will Never Rust

  • Weight Capacity 350lbs

  • $50-$100

  • Library style!

  • Spring-mounted casters retract when stool is stepped on.

  • Steel construction with nonslip vinyl treads.

  • Protective bumper around base.

  • No tools required; simple snap-together assembly

  • Weight Capacity 1000lbs

  • $50-$100

  • Strong and sturdy aluminum construction

  • Non slip rubber feet

  • Platform measures 19 inch x 14. 5 inch.

  • Height adjusts from 7. 5 inch – 9 inch

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